Volkswagen Vans with Thatcham security - Caddy, Crafter, Transporter, Amarok

List of vans with factory fitted Thatcham category 2 van immobiliser or category 1 alarm for Volkswagen Caddy, Crafter, Transporter, Amarok.

Category 2 is an insurance approved Thatcham immobiliser and category 1 is an alarm and immobiliser combination.

List of vans with factory fitted Thatcham immobiliser or alarm

Van make and model Dates Factory fitted
Volkswagen Amarok (all models) Apr 11 - on Cat1 alarm
Volkswagen Caddy (all models) Mar 04 – on Cat2 immobiliser
Volkswagen Crafter Jul 06 - on Cat1 alarm
Volkswagen Transporter 888 Jul 02 – on Cat2 immobiliser
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Vans with Thatcham security

Nearly all UK specification vans have been factory fitted for over the past 10 years with an insurance approved Thatcham category 2 immobiliser to prevent the van engine being easily started up by connecting the starter motor wire to the battery positive supply.

Why aren't all vans factory fitted with category 1? Some van manufacturer's have a higher specification cat 1 alarm and immobiliser pre fitted and you can find the information about each van on this website.

Can I upgrade my van to Thatcham category 1? Yes, there are cat 2 to 1 upgrade kits that contain an alarm which integrates with an existing cat 2 immobiliser. Alternatively there are cat 1 kits that contain an alarm and immobiliser designed for vans without a factory fitted cat 2 immobiliser already pre fitted. All aftermarket devices must be installed by a recognised Thatcham installer for insurance purposes, contact details can be found on this website.

Which vans don't have any Thatcham device? If your van is a grey import, very old, not listed in this directory or no paperwork in the log can be found that an aftermarket device or dealer optional extra has been fitted then you may be able to get a Thatcham installer to check your van over.