Nissan van insurance groups – Kubistar, NV200, NV400, Primastar, Interstar, Vannette

Compare van insurance groups - table contains list of van insurance groups for Nissan Kubistar, NV200, NV400, Primastar, Interstar, Vannette.

Van insurance groups are on a scale of 1 to 20 where group 1 is the cheapest and 20 is the most expensive.

Compare van insurance groups

Make and model Group    
Nissan Cabstar E 2.7/3.0 9 to 12 E T2
Nissan Cabstar 9 to 12 E T1
Nissan Interstar 12 to 16 E/A T2 T1
Nissan Kubistar 4 to 6 A T2
Nissan Navara D22 11 to 12 E T2
Nissan Navara D40 11 to 12 E T2
Nissan NV200 5 to 11 E T2
Nissan NV400 12 to 15 E T2
Nissan Primastar 4 to 6 E T2
Nissan Primastar SE 4 to 6 E T1
Nissan Primastar Access 4 to 6 E T1
Nissan Terrano 16 A T2
Nissan Terrano II 16 A T2
Nissan Vannette 6 E T2
Nissan Vannette E 6 E T2
Nissan Pathfinder  9 to 10 E T2
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Van insurance group suffix Q & A

Van insurance groups are constantly changing reflecting the number of claims made so the table is a rough guide, some van manufacturers website give more detailed information about their vans insurance groups.

Why is there more than one insurance group per van? In each model range the insurance group may change depending on the van size and weight so a SWB (short wheelbase) low roof van will be cheaper to insure than a LWB (long wheelbase) high roof van.

What do are the other letters after each group mean? Each group has 4 possible sub groups, for example in group 1 there can be 4 sub groups in order going up; group1E-T1, group1E-T2, group1A-T1 and group1A-T2.